Surf Doctor – Dr Peter Acker On Global Emergency Care & Surf Medicine

When you are out in a very remote area, presented with someone who is quite ill, the math and logistics change in a really dramatic way

Dr Peter Acker is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. In addition to his work in the ER, he is an active member of the Stanford Emergency Medicine International Team whose work it is to assist in the provision of emergency medical care around the world. Dr Acker is also a key member of the organization, ‘Surfing Doctors’ and gets to combine his love of surfing with his passion for medicine. 

The topic of surf medicine has been requested multiple times by listeners. So finally, here it is.

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Selected Show Notes:

Dr Peter Acker

Stanford Emergency Medicine International Team

Surfing Doctors 

‘Checklist Manifesto’ by Atul Gawande


Paddy Barrett